• I have been in the business of finding talent since 1999. During this time I’ve enjoyed the experience of working with both individual professionals looking to better their current situations and the hiring companies looking to improve their own internal talent pools. I believe this business is based on relationships – both developing and leveraging them. I have been very fortunate to be able to build a network of talented professionals whose opinions I trust and whose talents I admire. I see my job as bringing those professionals together.

    After earning my stripes at Robert Half and building a successful new Insurance division for Hoffman Recruiters, I realized my ambition in August 2010, of opening my own firm – McNabb Recruiting, Inc. – through an amicable acquisition from Hoffman Recruiters. Since then I have managed to build a successful practice based around developing relationships with some of the best and brightest in the Massachusetts insurance community.

    In all I have over 20 years experience successfully running searches from entry-level to C-Level in the areas of Insurance (P&C and Health & Welfare), Accounting & Finance and Software/Technology. My expertise is in partnering with hiring leaders to develop recruitment strategies, understand and help define their culture, drill down on position requirements and ultimately help craft ideal yet realistic profiles that become the drivers of my search efforts.



    McNabb Recruiting is a talent acquisition partner for Insurance organizations serious about hiring the best people they can. Companies who place a high value on attracting, hiring and retaining the highest quality individuals, and who understand that successful hiring doesn’t happen by osmosis.

    Hiring well is a combination of understanding who you are, who you need, why they should want to join you, how to find them, and then once you do, leaving them in no doubt that their future would be brighter with you than without.


    McNabb Recruiting looks to partner with companies who believe this to be true but who need help executing.

    If you're looking to add to or upgrade your existing teams, drop me a note and let's see how we can work together.




    For many people, the experience of looking for a new job is a rather unpleasant one. Many employers are so fixated on their own needs that they don’t realize how negative an experience applying to work there has become for prospective candidates. Whether it’s anemic job descriptions, laborious online applications, endless rounds of interviews with little to no feedback, or worse, the dreaded radio silence, it’s no wonder that changing jobs tends to make most people's lists of stressful life events.


    My goal is to take as much of the stress out of the process as possible, leaving you to focus all your energies on the important stuff – exploring and understanding the opportunity, preparing effectively for your interview, giving a great account of yourself, and ultimately having an offer to consider.


    I do this by doing my due diligence and research on any company I represent. By discussing the role and expectations with the decision makers, understanding their culture and differentiators and ultimately what they are looking for and why. I do it by listening to you. Understanding your motivations and expectations, your strengths and differentiators, thus understanding what you are looking for and why.


    My job is then to put the right person with the right opportunity, and let the magic happen!


    If you're an experienced insurance professional and serious about bettering your current situation, drop me a note and let's see how we can work together.



  • Recommendations

    The word around town...

    Brian Canto

    Senior Broker at RLA Insurance Intermediaries, LLC.

    When it comes to partnering with the right recruiter in the insurance business, there is Mick and then there is everyone else. If you’re tired of “job postings” and feeling like just another number, Mick is your guy. No one values the relationship part of our business more than Mick does. He knows the right people in the right places. With Mick its not about filling a job opening, its about pairing individuals with the right opportunity where they can grow and flourish in the insurance business.

    I have known Mick for 10 years now and he continues to be a trusted advisor and friend. My career is flourishing right now and Mick’s guidance over the years is one of the driving factors behind that.

    Sara Moss

    VP, Staffing Best Practices at erecruit

    Mick has mastered the craft of understanding company strategy, culture and needs then identifying, attracting and hiring incredible talent that fits the work environment and team dynamics. Mick is skilled at quickly and professionally building rapport with prospective talent, then matching top talent to roles in which they will both excel and be personally satisfied. He is equally adept at hiring executives as rookies, candidates appreciate his knowledge of the opportunity, his approachable manner and his humble honesty. While recruiting, Mick infuses his client’s market differentiators, brand messaging and mission into the conversation -- quite naturally crafting, delivering and building his client’s employment brand – all while ensuring that both the talent and the hiring manager understand the unique value proposition on the table. Anyone that has worked with Mick, as a client or as a candidate, feels respected, understood and trusts his judgment as much as I do.

    Chris McGlinchey

    CEO at Sixcel

    Mick McNabb is a true professional and an asset to any organization that is looking to build a high performing team. He has the unique ability to look beyond a resume in determining the impact that an individual can have on the larger team. Mick is able to quickly connect with candidates by creating a trusting environment that allows for open and honest dialogue. His judge of character is second to none and I would welcome the opportunity to work with Mick in the future.

    Melissa Brenner

    VP at eClinical Solutions

    I have had the pleasure of working with Mick for the past several years. He has a unique talent of identifying the best employees for any position. His integrity, intelligence and insight is second to none. Mick will always take the time to understand not only the skills required to perform the job duties required for a position but also makes sure to gain a clear understanding of the business environment and other factors critical to making a successful match for applicant and employer.

    Norm Joseph

    VP, Product Management at erecruit

    Simply the best is my immediate thought about partnering with Mick on a search. Rarely do you have an opportunity to work with such a great talent. I have had the pleasure of knowing Mick over the last two and a half years and we built a tremendous technical team together. I appreciate Mick’s ability to attract and select top talent. In addition Mick handles all of the details of a successful search with ease and allows you to focus on the selection process. Mick would be an asset for anyone requiring a trusted recruiting partner and comes with my highest recommendation.

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